Reference materials of interest to bondage people as well as kinky people in general.

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Bay Area BDSM Groups
BDSM Pictures Catalog Home
BDSM Queens - Bondage Models Directory, Reference
Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities (CARAS), Organizations, Reference
Dr. Gloria G. Brame (Different Loving), Reference
Idaho BDSM - Alternative Sexuality Information, Reference
Idaho BDSM - Health and Safety, Safety
Kinkomatic - Create a BDSM checklist, Odds and Ends, Reference
Massachusetts Bondage, Reference
Master K: Beauty of Kinbaku book Sales, Reference
National Coalition For Sexual Freedom, Organizations, Reference
NawaPedia, Bondage Tutorials, Education, Reference
Online Pornography - Kink.Com - Peter Acworth - New York Times the Scenes, Documentaries, Reference
Serious Bondage http://www.seriousbondage.comEducation, Reference
Xeromag | BDSM? What's with this bondage/sadomasochism stuff anyway?