Sites where mummification bondage is the predominant bondage method. This includes all forms of mummification (tape, vet wrap, bandages, etc.).

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Adele Schwarz Catsuits, Mummification, Spandex, Video Sales, Women Tying Women
AJ Guest Gallery Clothed, DID, Duct Tape Bondage, Gags, Guest Gallery, Mummification
Alini Bondage DID, Mummification, Tight, Video Sales
Alini Bondage Mummification Videos Guest Gallery DID, Guest Gallery, Mummification, Tight
Alt Girls Bound Clothed, DID, Mummification, Paysites, Video Sales
Alt Girls Bound Guest Gallery 9 Clothed, DID, Guest Gallery, Mummification, Straitjackets, Sweaters and Wool
Alt Girls Bound Guest Gallery 11 DID, Guest Gallery, Mummification
Altgirlsbound Clip Store Clothed, DID, Mummification, Video Sales
Altmodelsbound are creating Video/Photo Art: Patreon Clothed, Costume, DID, Duct Tape Bondage, Gags, Mummification, Paysites
Anarchy Bondage Catsuits, DID, Escape, Mummification, Video Sales
AnubisCurse on deviantART DeviantART Bondage, Drawings, Mummification
Arachniblu - DeviantArt DeviantART Bondage, Mummification