Vendors who sell rope, gags, handcuffs, leather and all sorts of restraints and gear such as suspension equipment

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Agreeable Agony: Rope, Floggers, Wax Play Candles, BDSM Kink Gear Gear Sales
Aja Rope Gear Sales
All About Gag Gags, Gear Sales
Asylum Aspire - psychiatric collectables – AsylumAspire Gear Sales, Straitjackets
AsylumAspire/The Strait Girls Guest Gallery DID, Gear Sales, Guest Gallery, Paysites, Straitjackets
AsylumAspire/The Strait Girls Guest Gallery 2 DID, Gear Sales, Guest Gallery, Paysites, Straitjackets
BindMe, Marrow en Debora Original Bondagetouw / rope Shibari en Kinbaku Gear Sales
Blue Diamond Trading Co Gear Sales
Bodyhose - Nylon Tubes Encasing The Entire Body Gear Sales, Spandex
Bondage Bunnies: Sex Toys, Restraints, Whips Gear Sales
Bondage Webbing Catsuits, Gear Sales, Pantyhose and Tights
bondagewebbing | DeviantArt Catsuits, DeviantART Bondage, Gear Sales, Pantyhose and Tights
Bonds of Steel by bondsofsteel on Etsy Gear Sales, Metal Restraints
Boss Bondage Education, Gear Sales, Presenters
Bound in Iron Gear Sales
Breathcatchers - Leather Corsets - Straitjackets Gear Sales, Outfits, Straitjackets
Carved Kink - hand carved, Individuality Ingrained... Gear Sales
Caught-In-The-Act, straitjackets, bondage restraints Gear Sales, Straitjackets
Creative Kink Toys Gear Sales
Cuff24 - rigid cuff Gear Sales Gear Sales, Handcuffs, Metal Restraints
Custom Collars by Gear Sales
Deep Stealth Dungeon | Bondage Gear | BDSM Equipment Gear Sales, Outfits
DeGiotto Rope - The finest bondage rope in the world. Gear Sales
Discerning Specialist Gear Sales
Dotty After Midnight Gear Sales, Outfits
Douglas Kent Rope Gear Sales
Dungeon Delights Bdsm Bondage Restraints Shackles Gear Sales
DV8House Education, Gear Sales, Presenters
DyeAddictRope Gear Sales
EpicRope: Premium Shibari/Kinbaku Bondage Rope, Equipment and Learning Resources Gear Sales
ESINEM Rope: Bondage and shibari supplies Bondage Tutorials, Gear Sales
Eurocatsuits: manufacturer of latex clothing Gear Sales, Outfits
Extreme Restraints Gear Sales
Fancy Steel Chastity Belts, Gear Sales, Metal Restraints, Video Sales
Fets Fash: manufacturer of exclusive fetish clothes Catsuits, Gear Sales, Outfits
Gothic Honey Gear Sales
Grateful Pain: handcrafted BDSM and fetish toys and equipment Gear Sales
Happy Kitten Rope Gear Sales
Haven Kink Gear Sales
Hottbonds Gear Sales
House of SXN: Luxury Leather Bondage Gear Sales, Outfits
Jade Rope: Hojojutsu, Kinbaku and Shibari Supplies Gear Sales
JT's Stockroom Gear Sales
Kink Engineering - Latex Vacuum Beds and other Innovative toys Gear Sales, Outfits
Kink Shoppe: Philadelphia's Premiere Sex Toy /BDSM Fetish Boutique Shop Gear Sales
KinkStore Gear Sales
kinkycuffsBerlin - Etsy Gear Sales, Handcuffs
KlinikBondage - Get Kinky Gear Sales, Medical
KlinikBondage | DeviantArt DeviantART Bondage, Gear Sales, Medical
Knot Knormal Shibari Rope Shop for all your knotty rope needs Gear Sales
Knothead Nylon Gear Sales
Lewbari store Gear Sales
Martins Rigid Cuffs Gear Sales, Handcuffs, Metal Restraints
MetalBound: Bondage Furniture, Dungeon Furniture and BDSM Equipment Gear Sales, Metal Restraints
MMHJute: Artisan hand made and hand dyed ropes Gear Sales
MyNawashi: Hand made Japanese style jute bondage rope Gear Sales
No Escape!!! - Feel Bondaged Gear Sales, Straitjackets
Northeast Restraints Gear Sales
OBG Leather Goods Gear Sales
Omegajute Gear Sales
Orchid Toys: Sex toys Gear Sales
Passion Craft Store: BDSM Toys/Rope Bondage Restraints Gear Sales - UK BDSM Bondage Fetish Puppy Cages Captivity, Gear Sales, Metal Restraints
RecurveRope: High Quality Handmade Jute Rope Gear Sales
Restricted Senses Catsuits, Costume, Gear Sales, Paysites, Tight
Ring of Steel Gear Sales
Rope Podcast Bondage Tutorials, Gear Sales, Podcasts
Rope Tales by Kirigami - Bondage, Shibari, Kinbaku - Milan Bondage Tutorials, Education, Gear Sales
S(A)X Leather -BDSM and Bondage Fetish Shop Australia Gear Sales
Shibari by Benjamin Gear Sales
Shibari Study: World's Best Online Shibari Tutorials Bondage Tutorials, Education, Gear Sales, Paysites
SKorpionRope: Ropes and Oils for bondage Shibari and Kinbaku Gear Sales
SM-Factory Gear Sales, Outfits
Soulnight | BDSM Gear, Bondage Furniture Gear Sales
Steel wire collars and cuffs by Sir N by SirN on Etsy Gear Sales
SteelBound Gear Sales, Metal Restraints
Straight Jackets - Monkey Dungeon Clothing Gear Sales, Straitjackets
Straitjackets and Asylum accessories by StraitJacketShop on Etsy Gear Sales, Straitjackets
StraitJacketShop | DeviantArt DeviantART Bondage, Gear Sales, Straitjackets
Teale Coco - Boutique goth fashion Gear Sales, Outfits
TekaTeka Customs Gear Sales, Outfits, Straitjackets
Tetruss Portable Suspension Bondage Equipment Gear Sales
The Bondage Locker: Fetish and Bondage Supplies Gear Sales
The Handcuff Shop: Handcuffs & Legirons Gear Sales
The Kink Shop Gear Sales
TheRopeGeek: Handcrafted Jute Rope for Tying People Up Gear Sales Lycra Latex, Zentai Wear Catsuits, Gear Sales, Outfits
Top to Bottom Leathers Gear Sales
Torvea Toys - Indulge Your Fantasies Gear Sales
Twisted Monk Gear Sales
USSW: Your Shopping for Sex Toys, Bondage, Sexy Lingerie from China Gear Sales, Outfits
Vaegabound Bondage Tutorials, Education, Gear Sales, Image Print Sales
Westward bound: Specialists in Latex Desire-Couture Gear Sales, Outfits
Winter Fetish Catsuits, Gear Sales, Outfits
worksandwidgets on Etsy Gear Sales
Yourlifestyle Gear Sales